Free Pressure Canner Dial Gauge Testing / Inspection

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Canning season is here and we are ready to preserve those delicious foods we either grow or buy during this time of the year. So get your equipment ready so you can preserve safely!

Dial Gauge Testing / Inspection

The dial gauge of your pressure canner should be checked for accuracy and overall condition every year before you begin preserving foods for the season.

Why testing your canner’s gauge?

The handing, constant use, and storage conditions can affect the accuracy of your canner’s gauge and eventually the safety of the food you want to preserve.

Research-tested recipes for pressure canned foods are based on specific temperatures and times to kill harmful bacteria. If the pressure is lower than that recommended for processing, the internal temperature of the food will not be adequate to kill all the bacteria and spores which can produce harmful toxins that can cause illness or death.

If a dial gauge is inaccurate and the processing temperature is higher than recommended, the food inside the jar may be overcooked affecting the quality of it.

Brands that can be tested:

  • Presto
  • Maid of Honor
  • National
  • Magic Seal

Other brands cannot be tested since we do not have specific information on the gauges and their calibration. Please contact the manufacturing company for assistance with other brands not included here.

Make your appointment!

Free dial testing it’s done at Cooperative Extension by appointment only. We are located at 306 Revere Road Suite E, Hillsborough, NC 27278

Call Ivelisse Colón, Family and Consumer Sciences Agent, for your appointment at 919-245-2055.

What to bring to your appointment:

Bring your canner lid with its rubber gasket and dial gauge. Do not bring your canner unless you have questions about its condition.