MeatSuite: From the Farmer to the Freezer

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meat suiteNC Choices Early Launch of MeatSuite for North Carolina

MeatSuite is a brand new site where you can find local farms that sell meat in bulk quantities. With the delayed opening of some farmers’ markets and increased demand for local meat, MeatSuite can be a great alternative for you and your family.

In the past few weeks, many farms across the state have created profiles on the site to list their bulk meat products, particularly “bulk bundles.” A bundle is a package of assorted meat cuts and they come in a variety of sizes to best suit your budget and needs. All meat comes to you already cut and packaged, in familiar cuts and sizes. First time buying in bulk? No worries, your farmer will help you navigate your order. Take advantage of this new opportunity!

See the videos below about MeatSuite and bulk buying.

Benefits of Buying Meat in Bulk

  • Generally, you receive a lower price per pound over meat sold by the piece at grocery stores.
  • You can buy as much as you want; bundles, quarters, and halves, all directly from the farm.
  • Save time since you can order from the comfort of your home.
  • Support the local economy.
  • Meats from locally-raised animals are delicious and flavorful.
  • You may have the chance to try meat cuts you haven’t tried before.

Considerations When Buying Meat in Bulk

  • Think how much meat do you want to purchase based on how much meat you and your family eat.
  • Do you have enough freezer space for the amount you’ll buy?
  • If you like the idea but don’t have the budget, consider talking with your neighbors or relatives so you can split the cost and what will be bought.
  • Remember you will get different meat cuts when buying in bulk. Use your own recipes, find them on the Internet or check these websites (click on the names provided to go to the links):

Who is NC Choices?

NC Choices is an initiative of the Center for Environmental Farming Systems in collaboration with N.C. Cooperative Extension that promotes local food systems. To learn more go to the following link: NC Choices at CEFS

Are you a farmer who might like to join the site? Please go to the following link and see how you can join: About MeatSuite