2019 Beginning Farmer Class

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Breeze Farm

Classes are scheduled on Thursday nights starting January 10th through February 28th, 2019, when farmers are less busy and those aspiring to farm can get excited about the soon-to-be new growing season. The class runs for eight weeks and meets from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., which is a little tough for those who work 9 to 5, but so far its worked every year. We do provide local and/or organic snacks, purchased from our local grocery cooperative, at the break during each session.

The cost of the class is $120 for 8 sessions.

Typical Beginning Farmer Class Schedule*

Session #1 

  • Starting a Farm/Preparing a Cash Flow
  • Introductions
  • Legal Issues Pertinent to Farm Start-up Businesses

Session #2 

  • Transplant Production
  • Irrigation
  • Planting and Growing Vegetables

Session #3

  • Whole Farm Planning
  • Perspectives of a Young Beginning Farmer
  • Introduction to Soils/Soil Testing

 Session #4 

  • Farmers Market Set-up and Display
  • Post-Harvest Handling and Food Safety
  • Equipment for Small Farms

 Session #5

  • Vegetable Insects
  • Cover Crops
  • Local Farmers Market Representative(s) Talk About Their Markets

 Session #6

  • Record keeping
  • Observations on Direct Marketing Farm Products
  • Vegetable Diseases

 Session #7

  • Capital Resources
  • Weed Control with and without Plastic
  • Odds and Ends Topics

 Session #8

  • End of Class Covered Dish Dinner
  • Why Consider Livestock and Poultry Enterprises on Your Farm
  • Wrap up and Questions and Answers 

* Topics may be different or in a different order depending on the availability of speakers